Tartar removal

Prevent dental problems

How the dentist removes tartar

Tartar buildup is unavoidable. Even if you brush your teeth everyday. Even if you floss daily. Tartar is the hardened state of dental plaque. It is important to remove the tartar twice a year. Our preventive assistants and dental hygienists are glad to welcome you to our dental clinic. Book an appointment online today.


What is tartar and where does it come from?

In your mouth there are bacteria, even if you brush and floss your teeth twice a day. The bacteria mix with all kinds of foods and drinks you put in your mouth to form dental plaque. Dental plaque is soft and sticky. Plaque can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. The plaque gets under your gum line and sticks to your teeth and fillings. That’s why brushing your teeth and flossing is important. It helps you to remove dental plaque.


Plaque can lead to tartar

When dental plaque isn’t removed it hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar forms above the gum line. It is rough and porous. In the end tartar can lead to receding gums and gum disease. Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis will be the result if tartar isn’t removed. Tartar needs to be removed by preventive assistants or dental hygienists.


Professional teeth cleaning

The preventive assistant or dental hygienist will clean your teeth in a professional way. Removing tartar and plaque and restoring the natural oral health. A professional teeth cleaning is advised twice a year.


Book a teeth cleaning appointment

At Jan van Nassau Dental Clinic we provide professional teeth cleaning in order to remove tartar and plaque. Book a dental appointment online with one of our dental hygienists.