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Welcome to Tandheelkundig Centrum Jan van Nassau

Our customer-friendly dental practice in The Hague Benoordenhout has been a reliable address for all teeth for years. With our team of dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, we are at your service every day.

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Latest Techniques

We apply the latest innovative techniques to get your teeth in the best possible condition.

High customer satisfaction

Every year we help more than 5,000 patients to have a radiant smile. We do this with our entire team.

Officially Certified

We have been in possession of the highest certifications in dentistry for years and we are proud of that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A visit to the dentist can lead to many questions. We have listed the most important ones.

I have a toothache, now what?

If you suffer from pain in your teeth, it is best to contact our dental practice as soon as possible.

If the dental practice is closed, you can contact the emergency service: 0900-8602

What does a visit to the dentist cost?

The maximum rates for dentists are set by law in the Netherlands. For treatments of 250 euros or more, you will receive an estimate of the costs from us in advance.

I unfortunately have to cancel my appointment, what now?

For an appointment at Jan van Nassau Dental Center, you must cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance. If this does not happen, unfortunately we have to charge costs.

How do I make an appointment with the dentist?

You can easily make an appointment by phone or via our online form. You can indicate on the form when you would like to make an appointment. We will confirm the actual date of the appointment to you.

I'm afraid of the dentist, what now?

You are not alone. Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. Indicate this in advance and the dentist will be extra patient. Regular visits to the dentist prevent dental problems.

How often should I visit the dentist?

It is recommended to visit the dentist twice a year. This keeps your teeth in top condition and potential problems are quickly discovered and resolved.

At what age should my child go to the dentist?

We recommend visiting the dentist from the age of 2 years. In this way we can give early advice and carry out a good dental examination.

How often should I brush my teeth?

It is recommended to brush your teeth two to three times a day. Also, don’t forget to floss.

Our Dentists

Meet our certified dentists who are happy to help you maintain healthy teeth.

Drs. Jeroen Meuter

Dentist Special interest: Implant

Drs. Witold Siatkowski

Dentist Special interest: Endodontics

Martyna Polan

Dentist Special interest: AirSmile

Drs. Paul Vlot

Dentist Special interest: General dentistry

Drs. Marcelo Fernandes

Dentist Special interest: periodontology

What do our patients say about us

“I’ve been a customer here for several years and always had fantastic help. Good and objective advice, punctual planning, all disciplines under one roof. And willing to go the extra mile for a happy patient. Good work, keep it up!“

Lauren Hijboer

“Not only do they work very professionally here, but they also always indicate what they are going to do. That is very reassuring. In addition, both the dentist and assistant were very friendly and patient.”

Brenda Bouwmeester

“I’m glad I switched dentists. Here they work with very modern equipment. This allowed them to quickly detect small cavities and save me a possible root canal treatment.”

John Parks

Tandheelkundig Centrum Jan van Nassau
Jan van Nassaustraat 99
2596BR Den Haag

070 324 55 30

Working Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed 08:00 tot 16:30
Thu 08:00 tot 18:30
Fri 08:00 tot 16:30

Available by phone daily until 12:00

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