Single tooth implants

Get new teeth

Did you lose a tooth? Is it preventing you from confidently smile, laugh, eat, kiss or talk? With single tooth implants you can enjoy life without worrying about your teeth. Like you never lost a tooth. At dental clinic Jan van Nassau we are able to restore your confidence in your teeth by providing tooth implants.


What are tooth implants?

Dental implants have existed for over 30 years now. They allow you to experience the closest thing to natural teeth. The artificial tooth is custom made to match your own teeth. If you wouldn’t know you have dental implants you would never know you had a tooth implant.


Dental Implants procedure

A dental implant is the base for placing artificial teeth. You can see them as a strongly found replacement root. To restore your teeth the artificial tooth needs to be attached to your jawbone. The tooth implant makes this happen. A dental crown is placed upon the dental implant. Because the crown is custom made it will always fit perfectly.

The tooth implant procedure starts with setting up an individualized treatment plan. This plan is a roadmap for the best possible dental care and results. The second step is placement of the titanium root implant. The implant is placed into the bone. After six to twelve weeks the jawbone is completely healed. The titanium implant is now a sturdy base. On top of the base abutment is placed. The abutment connects the new artificial tooth to the dental implant.

The artificial tooth, better known as a dental crown, is custom made to perfectly fit and match your teeth. By making a model of your complete teeth the dental team knows how the crown needs to be shaped. When the crown is placed onto the tooth implant you will forget you ever lost a tooth.

The implantology team

Since the implant process is mostly people work the quality of the implantology team is very important. MSc Jeroen Meuter, dentist, completed the Masterclass Oral Implantology and attends all important implantology courses annually. Jeroen and his team focuses on the implantology area for over 10 years and is very experienced.


How painful is the placement of dental implants?

The procedure of dental implants is less painful than tooth extraction according to most patients. Local anesthesia is used to reduce the sense of pain.


Conditions for the placement of tooth implants

In order to start the dental implant process the gums have to be healthy. Also the bone structure must be able to support the implant.


Considering a tooth implant?

Do you have a missing tooth? Are you ashamed of it? A tooth implant could be the solution. Make an appointment online for a dental implant consultation.