Scaling and polishing

For radiant teeth

Your oral hygiene is essential to keeping healthy teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth twice a day is a good way to maintain your teeth and gums but it is not enough. It is advised to visit a dentist every six months because they have the tools to clean your gums and teeth in a professional way. Scaling and polishing is the way the dentist keeps your teeth in perfect condition.


A scale and polish cleaning session

The reason why scaling and polishing your teeth at the dentist is so important is because brushing your teeth isn’t enough. Plaques will form at your teeth even if you brush your teeth multiple times a day without missing a single day. Plaque will transform into tartar within 12 hours and tartar can’t be brushed off your teeth. Tartar will cause tooth decay and if not treated it will end up in much bigger problems. Root canal problems for example. By scaling and polishing your teeth every six months you will prevent this.


Scaling and polishing will result in healthy and white teeth

With a scaling and polishing cleaning session you will not only keep your teeth in great health it will also make your smile shine more. Scaling and polishing the teeth removes spots, stains and plaque. After the teeth are polished your teeth will feel brand new, smooth and clean. Even your teeth will look like they are new. The polishing leads up to teeth which are a few shades whiter.