Professional Teeth Cleaning

For healthy strong teeth

Teeth cleanings are simple and painless procedures at the dentist. However they are very important to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Brushing your teeth and flossing simply can’t clean all of the plaque forming at your teeth. Save money and prevent cavities, gingivitis or other dental procedures by visiting Jan van Nassau Dental Clinic twice a year for professional teeth cleaning. Our preventive assistants and dental hygienists are happy to help you. Schedule your appointment at our online calendar.


Teeth cleaning procedure

The teeth cleaning procedure will take our dental hygienist about 30 minutes depending on the condition of your teeth. The professional dental cleaning procedure contains several steps which will include the removal of plaque, tartar and discolor of your teeth.

  1. The treatment starts off with examination of the teeth. The dental hygienist will look for signs of plaque, tartar, inflammation and other oral health concerns. 
  2. Removal of plaque and tartar. By performing a procedure called teeth scaling plaque and tartar will be removed. Plaque and tartar are found around the gum line and between your teeth.
  3. Cleaning with gritty toothpaste. With a gritty toothpaste the dental hygienist performs dental deep cleaning. It polishes the teeth. 
  4. Flossing session. The dental hygienist will floss your teeth in a professional manner. This is done to get the plaque and tartar between your teeth. 
  5. Rinsing with liquid fluoride. To get all debris out of your mouth you will be asked to rinse with liquid fluoride.

The result of professional teeth cleaning

After your treatment is finished you will feel the sensation of a fresh mouth like never before. Please feel free to make a follow up appointment in 6 months at our desk. Also don’t forget to rate us on Google.

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