Dental sealants

Protect your teeth

To protect the teeth in your children’s childhood dental sealants and fluoride are the best solution. The dental sealant protects the irregularities in the surface of the tooth and fluoride protects the smooth surface of the tooth. At Jan van Nassau Dental Clinic we are happy to help your children with dental sealants and fluoride treatments.


Why Dental Sealants?

Dental Sealants are one of the ways to prevent most childhood tooth decay. In the chewing surfaces of the molars there are often deep and narrow pits and grooves. The perfect nesting place for bacteria and food remains. Unfortunately your toothbrush can’t reach the bottom of these pits. An ideal spot for forming cavities. Dental sealants prevent cavities by covering the molar with a thin layer of synthetic resin or fluoride-containing cement. Our Children’s Dentist will treat your children.


Dental Sealant Treatment

At first the molars are cleaned thoroughly with a brush and polishing paste. The sealant adheres best to a rough surface. To make the chewing surface rough, an acid is applied with a brush. After an exposure time of 15 to 20 seconds, the acid is rinsed off with water from the chewing surface and the tooth is dried again. The dental sealant is then applied with a brush onto the dry chewing surface. The sealant will automatically harden, or will be hardened by shining on it with a blue lamp. Finally, it is checked whether the paint is properly in place. Sealants generally remain seated for years.

Make a dentist appointment

When the molars are completely through the gums it is time to get dental sealants. Make a dentist appointment for your children. Occasionally adults are sealed as well. This only happens when there are clear indications that cavities arise in the chewing surfaces.