Tooth Decay Treatment

When you are experiencing sensitive teeth or toothache you might suffer from tooth decay. This is a widespread disease but it is preventable. Nevertheless when you are experiencing pain you might need tooth decay treatment. Fortunatly our dentists are well experienced and able to help you with tooth decay treatment on short notice.



What is tooth decay?

Everyday a thin layer of plaque is forming at your teeth. By tooth brushing and flossing you can remove the plaque. To do this properly you need to brush your teeth every 12 hours. After 12 hours the plaque becomes tartar and tartar isn't removeable by brushing your teeth. Bacteria keep attacking your teeth and will end up in tooth decay. This tooth decay will end up in cavities. That is why tooth decay treatment is important, because untreated cavities are just the start of serious dental problems.



Tooth decay symptoms

It is not always possible to notice tooth decay. You don't always feel pain. So it is important to regularly get dental checkups. This can prevent serious dental problems. However in some cases there are tooth decay symptoms which can help you detect tooth decay.


These symptoms are signs you need to visit a dentist. Besides these symptoms it is smart to visit a dentist for a dental checkup twice a year.



Treating tooth decay

When visiting our dental practice for tooth decay treatment our dentists will gladly help you. The dentist will examen your teeth and track the dental problems you are experiencing. When the dentist has discovered the source of your problems he will focus on the treatment of the tooth decay.


This can be a white filling or maybe a fluoride treatment to strenghten your teeth. Even dental sealants are an option to prevent future tooth decay. The dentist will find the best solution for your dental issues. Not just for now, but for the future as well. If the tooth decay isn't treated it can result in bigger dental problems. This can lead to root canal treatment, tooth extraction or a dental implant or a bridge.


Book a tooth decay treatment appointment

In our dental practice in Den Haag we help thousands of patients with tooth decay problems. You can make an appointment online with our dentist or call the dental office.