Preventive assistant

We help you to keep your teeth safe

Our prevention assistants specialize in the treatment of gingivitis (inflamed gums). They will inform you in case you miss spots for daily cleaning, and instruct you how to do this better. Experience shows that it has a positive effect on your daily oral hygiene if you regularly visit our prevention assistants. Please visit us twice a year for a VIP treatment.

For children it’s also very important to regularly visit one of our prevention assistants. They will teach your child in a playful, but educational way everything about their teeth. From the age of six the first permanent teeth will come through, making it very important to start with good oral hygiene at a young age! From then on we will also start with fluoride treatments.

Examples of activities are:

  • Teach and demonstrate how to maintain a good oral hygiene, the occurrence of cavities, gum disease and the effect of diets on the teeth
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Application of dental protective agents, such as fluoride, a “resist layer” on (newly broken through) has teeth and / or molars (dental sealants), and the polishing of fillings
  • Monitoring wound healing and after-care of implants.