Pediatric dentistry

Why is it important?

Of course children are very welcome at Jan van Nassau. It is important for every child from an early age to go to the dentist, preferably as early as 2 years. This prevents major work to be done later on the temporary teeth and will reduce the chance of getting afraid of the dentist. Fear of the dentist is not necessary. By providing children with positive experiences and explaining clearly what will happen, developing fear of the dentist will be prevented. Each step of the treatment is explained playfully. They get the opportunity to touch all instruments and where possible try them too. Be careful, this may result in some wet clothes for the parent…

In the waiting room you can find the children’s book ‘Doek is going to the dentist. ” In simple words and with a little bit of humor, the story of a dragon named Doek and his dental appointment is told. This can be a good addition to the preparation of the appointment. Unfortunately the book is written in Dutch, but it’s full of image’s. Doek can be found in the shape of large stuffed dolls in the clinic. Including some teeth and a giant brush, so the child can experience going to the dentist together with Doek!