Our precautions regarding the coronavirus

The dental practice is pre-eminently a place where people work hygienically. We have strict hygiene guidelines to minimize the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria.


Since the coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands, we have taken a few extra precautions:

  • We ask patients with throat complaints, cough complaints and fever not to come to the practice through a triage
  • The hands can be washed and disinfected upon entering
  • We no longer shake hands with patients
  • Doorknobs are disinfected several times a day
  • We advise you to come alone to the appointment; children may come with 1 supervisor
  • We ventilate the practice as optimally as possible
  • You cannot use the teethcleaning room
  • Come a maximum of 5 minutes before you have an appointment, so that as few people as possible are present in the waiting room
  • Please call, email or use our online appointment form to make an appointment; do not visit the practice without an appointment
  • We are currently working with a block planning to monitor the patient flow as well as possible. This is to provide the best possible care for you and so that as few patients as possible are present in the practice

All specialties under one roof

Our team consists of dental specialists such as dentists, dental hygienists and prevention assistants. In addition to general dentistry, we specialize in anxiety treatments, children, implantology, endodontics, Invisalign, Myobrace and Digital Smile Design.

More information

Just like the world around us, the world of dentistry is constantly on the move. Today’s high quality oral care means that people not only keep their teeth much longer than they used to, but also that people set great store by what their teeth look like. These trends mean that dentists continue to carry out standard dental treatment. However, keeping up to date with the latest technical developments in dentistry also enables us to perform more complex, tailor-made procedures and therapies. De behandelingen die hij verricht vergen daarom ook meer tijd en inspanning.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest standard of personalised dental care.

What we offer

Our professional , state-of-the-art treatments are always explained clearly and thoroughly. And because we believe in getting to know the person behind the patient, you will soon feel at ease in a comfortable and safe environment.


Rates and invoices

At the end of the treatment a code will be entered into the invoice system. These codes represent the treatment or procedure your dentist or hygienist has done for you. A few weeks after the treatment you will receive a note of Infomedics. This is a specialized organization in charge of billing and collecting their invoices by multiple providers of medical practitioners. For us Infomedics provides this service so we have more time to provide tailor made care for our patients. It is also possible at the end of the treatment to pay for it by pin. Cash payments are not possible. For the first appointment at our clinic there has to be paid immediately after the treatment. Forget an appointment then it is invoiced as a missed appointment.

Missed appointments

It can happen to anyone, the dental appointment forgotten because of all kinds of circumstances. We can relate, that’s why if you forget an appointment for the first time, we will not send you an invoice. We will however admission this in your file with us. If you at least 48 hours in advance inform us that you are unable to attend the appointment, we do not charge anything and it does not count as a missed appointment. If there are special circumstances and you cannot attend the appointment, please call us as soon as possible. In case of illness, we expect you to notify us in the morning. That way we can help someone else in the time reserved for you. At the time a patient fails to attend an appointment, by any circumstances, the practitioner cannot provide the care that he would like to provide. We could have helped another patient in the time reserved for you. Therefore, if a patient doesn’t show up for the second time or more, without good reason, for an appointment, the following rate will be charged: Dentist: € 30, - per quarter of reserved treatment time. Hygienist: € 40, - per half hour of reserved treatment time. Prevention Assistant : € 30, - per treatment. For a dental checkup, a fee of € 10, -. For a long-term appointment for implantation a fee of € 200, - will be charged in case of no show. Please note that the practitioner may charge 100% of the planned handling.

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Keep your mouth healthy

Unfortunately there is much room for improvement in the oral hygiene of many of the children we see at our dental practice. Research has shown that 25% of children in the Netherlands brush their teeth wrongly, if at all. To make matters worse, too many children visit the dentist infrequently or never. This situation has prompted our dental team to support the ‘Keep your mouth healthy’ teaching project run by Ivoren Kruis. Our assistants visit local primary schools to provide information about dentistry, adapted to the age of the children. The aim of the project is to promote oral health by preventing decay and dental erosion, and to encourage children to visit the dentist. We also aim to raise children’s awareness of how they affect their own oral health.

Do you want us to visit your school? Just give us a call!

Additional information about the project (in Dutch) is available on www.houjemondgezond.nl

You can register through the Application Form.

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