Fear of the dentist

You are not alone

Fear of the dentist is common. Some are so afraid that they do not even dare to go to the dentist. This can cause all sorts of problems with teeth and gums. It is therefore advisable to take the first step and see a dentist.


Tips for you and your children

  • Take your child with you to the dentist as soon as possible.
  • For young children, it is good if a parent stays with the child during the treatment or procedure. Let the dentist take control as much as possible.
  • Do not make false promises, such as: “You feel absolutely nothing.” If it hurts anyway, your child may feel betrayed.
  • Older children can go alone. Thus, they gain confidence.
  • Praise your child afterwards.
  • Speak of your fear of the dentist, so he or she can take it into account.
  • Try relaxation or breathing exercises.
  • Distractions can help, such as listening to music.
  • Talk to others about your fear.
  • Make an appointment for a dental check up, but agree to just meet each other first without anything actually being done, and see if you feel comfortable with your dentist. The first time is solely meant to get acquainted and to see if you and the dentist are on the same page.