Dental hygienist

What is a dental hygienist, and what does one do?

A dental hygienist is a paramedic, working in oral health care. The dental hygienist is covered by a BIG registration. This law protects the patient from incompetent and negligent acts.

The tasks performed by the dental hygienist are on one part preventive (to prevent cavities and gum disease), and the other part aimed at curing (for example, the treatment of gum disease). Our dental hygienists are also trained to treat small cavities themselves.

Examples of activities are:

  • provide information about dental care, the occurrence of cavities, gum disease and the effect of diet on the teeth
  • teeth cleaning
  • application of dental protective agents, such as fluoride, a “resist layer” on (newly broken through) teeth and / or molars (sealing) and the polishing of fillings
  • treat small cavities, when approved by a dentist


Will the costs be covered by the health insurance?

A lot of health insurances cover these costs, but sometimes they have some conditions as to whether it is covered or not. Always inform beforehand at your health insurance what they will cover and if they will cover a certain procedure you are about to undergo.