Dental crown

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If a tooth is damaged, filling the hole is a solution. A lot can be done with fillings, but sometimes it is unfortunately no longer possible to solve in that way. Then having a dental crown placed can offer a solution. This can be placed on teeth that are no longer strong enough for a filling.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth that is placed on your own tooth by the dentist. After the treatment it looks like it is your own tooth because every dental crown is made to measure. A dental crown is often placed when your own tooth is no longer strong enough to be repaired with a filling.


When do you need a dental crown?

The placement of a dental crown happens when your tooth is no longer strong enough to fill. For example, it may have been too large a hole or if there have been several holes in one tooth over the years. Sufficient basis is needed. natural tooth, to fill the gap.

The placement of a dental crown is then a solution but also when you miss a tooth you can choose a dental crown. For this, an implant is first placed on which the dental crown can be placed. This can also be done by having a bridge installed. Another reason for placing a dental crown may be that you are not satisfied with a specific tooth. For example, you may disturb the color or distortion. With a dental crown you can get the tooth that makes you feel comfortable.


The treatment of a dental crown

If you want to have a dental crown placed, it is nice to know in advance how the treatment works. We have set out the basic treatment of a dental crown in logical steps for you.

  1. Before placing a dental crown, the dentist will first prepare the current natural tooth. This is done by grinding the natural tooth so that there is sufficient space for placing the dental crown.
  2. The dentist will then make an impression of your jaw to determine how the dental crown should be formed. This should match the rest of your teeth as naturally as possible, hence the impression.
  3. The connection to the other jaw is also very important. This ensures that you can chew well with the new dental crown. In addition, it must naturally fit into the rest of your teeth. We perform a bite registration for this.
  4. Not unimportant is choosing the color of the dental crown. You want it to fit in as closely as possible with the rest of your teeth. When choosing the right color, nobody can distinguish the dental crown from your natural teeth and that is the goal of course.
  5. The dental laboratory then goes to work to make a dental crown custom for you. In the meantime, the dentist places an emergency dental crown on your tooth to ensure that the buffed tooth is protected.
  6. As soon as the dental crown is ready, the dentist will place it in your teeth. The tailor-made dental crown is fastened to your teeth with fast-hardening cement.

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