Broken tooth

We can probably fix it

Has your tooth broken off? Then make an appointment online at the Jan van Nassau dental center to have it repaired again. The dentist will work with you to find the best possible solution to repair the broken tooth.


My tooth has broken off, what now?

Breaking off a tooth always comes at an annoying moment. It will therefore be a bit of a shock. The dentist will help you to restore your broken tooth but there are also things you can do yourself. Try to find the broken piece of tooth again. When this is successful you can best store it in milk or in your mouth. In your mouth you keep the broken piece of tooth between your cheek and your molars. Unable to find the piece of tooth, no worries there are other solutions that the dentist can perform.

The reason that milk or mouth water is so important is that you have to prevent the root membrane from drying out. However, never rinse the broken tooth under the tap. This can have a negative influence on the root membrane.


Treatment of a broken tooth

With today’s dental solution, a broken tooth can always be repaired. We prefer to do this by gluing the broken piece of tooth. If this is not possible because the piece of tooth cannot be found, then there are other solutions. The best solution for this is the dentist can best judge in the dental practice.

The options are placing a crown, bridge or implant. This may sound radical, but there are also other solutions. Such as placing a facing, frame or plate. Even repairing with a composite filling. It all depends on the situation.

When it comes to a baby tooth, there is the luxury of waiting until the tooth is changed.


Causes of a broken tooth

There are many different causes for breaking a tooth. Often it is caused by biting something hard while eating but also having bad teeth can be the reason for this. In addition, there are of course accidents where a piece of tooth can break off, such as a fall or a tap on the tooth.


Make an online appointment for a tooth that breaks off

If your tooth has broken off, it is advisable to schedule a quick appointment at the dentist. This can help you to restore your tooth but also to prevent worse. The broken tooth that is still in the mouth can have sharp edges that damage the inside of your mouth. Think of the gums or your tongue. In addition, the remains that are still in the mouth may become inflamed during the tooth’s recovery.

So don’t wait to make an appointment at the Jan van Nassau Dental Center.