Bleeding gums

What does this mean?

Are you experiencing bleeding gums? Then you should read this article. When your gums bleed easily this might indicate a gum disease. A gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth. When you are experiencing bleeding gums you should contact our dental clinic for a dental check-up.


What causes bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums can be caused due different reasons. Some of the most common reasons: 

  • You just started flossing
  • Inadequate plaque removal
  • Your toothbrush is to hard
  • You brush too hard
  • Your dentures don’t fit anymore
  • You have inflamed gums


Since bleeding gums can be the start of serious dental issues you should always have a dentist look at your dental health.


Risks of bleeding gums

When you experience bleeding gums, you should be aware of the consequences. Bleeding gums are often the start of a gum disease. Luckily this can be reversed by treatment. You can’t wait too long with the start of treatment. When left untreated gingivitis will lead to periodontitis. At that point the bone will be affected by bacteria. When you still leave this untreated you will risk losing a tooth.


Treatment of bleeding gums

In order to cure bleeding gums you will need to visit the preventive assistant at the Jan van Nassau Dental Clinic. The preventive assistant will clean your teeth in a professional matter. This will help you heal your gums. After cleaning your teeth the preventive assistant will show your brush instructions and inform you on how you can prevent bleeding gums in the future.


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